School Tour

The first step in the admissions process is a tour of the school. Programs at Shaping Minds Montessori House are designed child friendly that we expect you to see first hand. School tours are condu more...


You are kindly requested to observe our Montessori Programs after you have done with school tour. It is best to advise the parents for this step and make an Observation that will provides you more...


Now is the time to decide for the application. This step follows after school tour and observation of our programs. You can always take your own time. There is no hard and fast rules. Now, the appl more...


The meeting follows after your observation, the administration staff will give you a call to schedule meeting with the Parent and child. This is one of the most important time to know each other an more...


After you are satisfied with your choice, you have to submit the application. Now you have  completed the admissions process. Congratulations! Now, your child is ready to start his/her first d more...


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