Fine Motor Development- Drawing and Scribbling

This activity is designed for 18 months Children. At this age, toddlers are working on figuring out how to communicate their wants and needs. Real words and simple sentences are now mixed in with t more...

Language Development- Letter Recognition

In this activity, a toddler is able to identify and pronounce the letters "Y"and "O". We try to encourage them to learn the letters of their name. We have jumbo magnetic letters so that they could more...

Olfactory activities, Auditory activities And Tactile activities

We encourage children to smell various foods and spices to enrich with the sensory awareness. These smelling jars help toddlers to distinguish between different types of smells. For this activity, more...

Letter-Sound And Color Matching/ Identification Recognition

The activity done with the letter blocks, the alphabet puzzle, and the alphabet abacus have been very useful pre-literacy materials for practicing letter-sounds. The children can correctly identify more...

Practical Life Exercises

Practical life exercises help children learn how to do everyday living activities in a purposeful way. You can work this activity at your home as well. He/she can "work" right alongside you in the more...


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