Accounting Training

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording, reporting, and analysis of financial transactions of a business. Accounting is a vital part of every business. Accounting is continuously evolving and the work is challenging. So, accountants are always in demand in private industry, federal and state governmental agencies, certified public accounting firms, and education. Accountants are needed for work in areas such as audit, budget analysis, finance, and management.

Why Accounting Course?
The Accounting Course will prepare the students be professionally competent in forming the financial statements in accordance with appropriate standards.The financial statements can include income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. An acountant needs a clear understanding of the complicated tax laws, as well as the overlapping jurisdictions of local, state and federal taxes, allowing them to propose ideas to their employers on the tax rewards and drawbacks of each major business decision. The training program will prepare students to complete tax returns for both individuals and businesses. In addition with the mathematical formulas and tax rules, accounting training course also empowers students to help businesses make the best financial decisions, as well as to communicate their concerns to those decision makers.

Training Objectives
- Prepare financial statements in accordance with appropriate standards.
- Use critical thinking skills to analyze financial data as well as the effects of differing financial accounting methods on the financial statements.
- Understand the audit process from the engagement planning stage.
- Handle accounting software such as Tally, Fact and Swastik.
- Demonstrate an understanding of the taxation of individual income.
- Demonstrate an understanding of their personal interests, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses as they pertain to professional career field.

Training Outcomes
- Recognize and understand ethical and social responsibilities related to the accounting profession.
- Recognize commonly used financial statements, their components and how information from business transactions flows into these statements.
- Apply accounting information to analyze and solve business problems and to take advantage of business opportunities.
- Apply oral and written communication skills to Communicate complex ideas.
- Prepare business and individual tax returns in accordance with regulations of the appropriate authorities.

Highlights of Course
- Basic Accounting Concepts
- Accounting methods and rules
- Nepalese Taxation laws and rules
- Training on the use of accounting softwares like Tally, Fact and Swastik
- Concept of Tax, VAT and TDS along with their implications
- Procedures of Tax payment and Tax returns
- Banking Transactions

Accounting Package (Alter with other computer course)
Course Duration 2 months
Time 1.5 hours per day
Study Days 6 days Per week
Cost NPR 7000