Report/Proposal Writing

Report Writing
A report is a short, sharp, concise document which is written for a particular purpose and audience. It generally sets outs and analyses a situation or problem, often making recommendations for future action. It is a factual paper, and needs to be clear and well-structured.  There may be a standard guidelines or structure for report writing depending upon the workplace.

Tips for Report Writing
- Needs prior preparation and planning
- Know your brief for a report
- Keep your brief in mind at all times (who are you writing for and why are you  writing)
- Discard anything that is irrelevant
- At the time of research, organize your work into sections by theme
- Keep track of the references
- Aim of report writing needs to be clear using simple language to get understood   by anybody reading it
- Check if the information used are relevant

The Structure of a Report
The requirements for structure pf a report may vary depending upon the subject matter, so, it's good to follow the guidelines before get started. A simple guideline is presented below while report writing

- An Executive Summary
- Introduction
- Main body of the report
- Conclusions and any recommendations

Proposal Writing
Proposal Writing is preparing a special type of report to persuade in order to get a positive decision to move something in a particular direction. In other words, it is an action of suggesting or putting forward in writing. In general, it is a formal description of the creation, modification or termination of a contract. A proposal may serve as the blue print for a future agreement and may be accepted or rejected by the entity or entities that receive it. It is simply a description of the work that will complete on a project. The details included in a proposal depend on the project's scope and who will read the document.

Proposal Writing Tips

• Make to the point to read
• Use large, dark type and white space
• Number the pages
• Add a limited number of appendices
• Explain abbreviations and jargon
• Find a catchy title and write using activeverbs – interesting language
• Prepare proposal as per the need, follow application procedure
• Focus on concrete resultsbenefits
• Have people who did not write the proposal review and edit it and compare the   proposal to the guidelines provided
• Use correct tenses
• Avoid grammatical errors
• Do not use Jargons or Acronyms unless absolutely necessary, and then provide   explanations
• Use simple sentences, keep paragraphs short, use headings and sub headings.
• The concept paper should flow from one heading to another in a logical order   and building on the previous sections.
• Always have your document proof read.