E-governance Training

Why should you take E-governance Training?

E-governance training helps to make information technology accessible to the general public and increase employment through this means. This also helps build a knowledge-based society, and establish knowledge-based industries.

E-government reduce costs, carry out all companies to interact with the government. Electronic trading saves time compared to human doing business. No need for driving to government and no waiting time. If the transaction is not completed, you can use the mouse to click on the return trip rather than drive to the office. As more and more companies are doing online conduct government business, and their transaction costs will be reduced. More technology and less workers needed reduce the business cost.

E-Government provides a greater amount of information that business needed, also it makes those information more clear. A key factor in business success is the ability to plan for the future. It is always helpful if you seek progress while doing e-governance training.

Training Objective

- The objective of trainig e-governance is to reduce difficulties for business, improves at providing immediate information and enable digital communication by e-business.
- To be able to re-use the data in the report proper.
- To be able to support and simplify in various government services like human services; community services; judicial services; transport services; land resources; business services; financial services and other.
- To make government administration more transparent, speedy and accountable, while addressing the
society's needs and expectations through efficient public services and effective interaction between the people,businesses and government.
- To be able to use social media for personal and official purpose and growth;

Training Outcome

- The training aims at developing participants’ knowledge and skills
- Cost reduction in carrying out government serives
- Receive larger amount of information that business needs and makes those information more clear.
- The collected data regarding economic, demographic and other trends becomes more accessible to companies that results in economic prosperity.
- It helps in Cutting red tape as it will allow faster process with less delays and decreasing the number of rules and regulations.

Highlights of the course

- Concept of E-Governance and Knowledge Management
- Introduction and applicaiton of (ICT)
- Desktop Administration and Basics of Network
- Computer, Cyber Security and Information Management
- Knowledge of Managerial Communication Tools