Study in Japan

Japan is well-known country to experience the beauty of Japanese traditional shrines, temples, houses, artful objects such as potteries, porcelains, Japanese papers (Washi), fabrics, fans and Kimono all which have been nurtured by the nature and four seasons. Japan is the first industrialized country in Asia and popular for world-class technology on bio-medical research, robot and computer science, space development, etc. Japan is also the home of 18 Nobel Laureates, and well known corporations such as Toyota and Sony.  Japan is often called the "Land of the Rising Sun". Japan is 3 hour and 15 minute ahead of Nepal Time.

Japan offers world class environment on advanced study and research.Japan offers experiences and lessons from industrialization, and also provides with opportunity to work together to solve new issues. Learning Japanese language and its culture will have better advantage to build up career in Japan.

Japan Education System
- 6 years Elementary School (6-12 years old) *
- 3 years Junior high School (12-15 years old) *
- 3 years High School (15-18 years old)
- 4 years Uniersity ( 18-22 years old)
- 2 yers Masters (22-24 years old)