Hospitality Management

Why should you take Hospitality Management Training?
Hospitality Management Training is the training that most of the students are attarcted in order to meet the challenges of job market in recent development in Hospitality industry. Therefore, the studetns get the chance to join a rapidly growing industry in the areas of employment in the world.

The training is another attractive venture being carried out in Shaping Minds Group. There is large scale of manpower need in hospitality industry. The Training is designed in the manner that helps to prepare students to take on managerial positions, understanding payment processing systems and deal when a natural disaster strikes a hotel.

The Hospitality Management Training benefits those who work in hospitality industry and require customer service skills as well as professional development. Hospitality management covers hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, airlines, etc. The training creates maximum oportunities to travel in and outside the country. The training provides a place to inter in the hospitality industry no matter where you are in the world. Whether you choose to work in hotels, events, attractions, or anywhere else in the sector, there are always jobs available to Hospitality.

Many courses in Hospitality is specific to focus on management which benefits with the learning of business skills. Hospitality Service is increasingly important in global markets, so with this training individuals are all set to have an immediate advantage over the competition.The hospitality skill will also help to broaden knowledge and develop new skills.

Training Objective
- Hospitality training add to the success of the business.
- The training in hospitality provides opportunities for gaining personal experience and helps in skills development
- The training helps to extract the highest performance levels in job. It definietly increase skill levels and performance abilities. The higher employee performance include increased productivity, improved labor proficiency and greater development and promotional opportunities.
- People with training can often enter the job market right away and command excellent salaries.

Training Outcome
- Discuss best practices for delivering first-class customer service, and provide a forum for standards specific to the organization.
- Give guidance regarding professionalappearance.
- Suggest language for welcoming guests, interacting professionally, and closing conversations.
- Explain service body language and know what is appropriate.
- Offer suggestions for managing stress.

The subject areas in Hospitality Management Training include accounting, administration, finance, information systems, marketing, human resource management, communication skills, public relations, strategy, quantitative methods, and other studies related in hospitality sector.

Highlights of the Course

1. Building connections/PR
The training highlights the subject in building connection or public relation. The success in hospitlaity industy depends a great deal on the ability to make positive connections with its clients, guests, vendors, and the employees. As the industry is all about comfort and service, it needs to take care while making connections, relationship building, vendor management, client management, guest relations, and team leadership. It also highlights about develping skill to have positive crisis communications by positive relationships that last for longer.

2. Multitasking
The trainig focuses about handling multiple responsibilities. He/she needs to keep a smile on his or her face to greet new guests. Employers want to know you can handle the fast paced, varied work load. Some of the major skills like organizational skills, proven time management expertise, and phrases that highlight your ability to adapt quickly to guests' needs and manage simultaneous projects.

3. Attention to detail
It's the little things that make a guest's experience extraordinary. To excel at creating that extraordinary experience, everything from making sure the flowers are fresh and make sure that the attendants wears a clean uniform, and successful hospitality managers must be excellent at addressing each detail.

4. Technical and language skills
In hospitality industry, the computer skills and language skills are essential technical expertise. Make sure to highlight the skills you have to ease with the job requirement including special training that you have received at past jobs. Also indicate that your skill with the language is basic, conversational, or fluent.

5. Flexibility
In hospitality industry, one can have unusual hours or longer hours than a basic desk job. On the job, they must be ready to switch gears at a moment’s notice if unexpected situations arise. The training provides confidence to become adaptable, versatile, and resourceful which will help to become enthusiastic about the unique opportunities that hospitality careers present and flexible in how you will respond to the industry's needs.

Shaping Minds Group welcomes you to join the training course and develop confidence to face with the opportunity in the competitive market in the hotel business.