PHP Training

PHP is a popular scripting language to generate dynamic web pages. It is used for making customized web solutions as it can be embedded with HTML with little effort. Further, it is relatively easy to code on PHP as it comprises simple formats, techniques and features. PHP has become a very popular learning course in Nepal as more developers are emerging in the local IT market. There are numerous PHP training providers in Nepal in the recent times; however, learning PHP from qualified and smart instructors always is a dream for the aspiring PHP developers.

Why you should take PHP Training?
It is a career based training and suitable for anyone who aspires to start a career as a programmer or developer. It is an opportunity to get the training from expert trainers who are professional developers and experienced with software companies. The students will be delivered insights into standard practices, tools and techniques applied in IT industry. Also, individuals from non-computing degree seeking for a career in IT sector can also obtain this training.

Training Objective
- Develop dynamic websites and create real-time web applications.
- Understand various techniques for website development.
- Maintaining the state using cookies, session variables, hidden form fields and query strings.
- Working with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data.
- Learning the fundamental techniques necessary to create a shopping cart solution.
- Identifying and handling the different types of errors that can occur when programming with PHP.

Training Outcome
- The training enables to understand server-side programming in web.
- The students get confidence in creating conditional structures and understand POST and GET in form submission.
- The students are able to receive and process form submission data, create a database in phpMyAdmin and read and process data in a MySQL database.

Highlights of the Course
- Web Technology
- HTML Markup and HTML5
- Domains, Web Hosting, Web Protocols like HTTP, FTP
- Database Concepts
- Explore Phpmyadmin panel, SQLYog
- Database Designing
- CSS and difference between Server Side and Client Side Scripting Language like ASP and JSP
- USE Case Diagram, Schema Diagram
- Introduction to PHP
- AMP stack with Apache, MYSQL and PHP
- Javascript
- JQUERY AND PHP Integration
- Arrays
- Strings & Patterns

Course Duration 40 hours
Time : 1.5 hours per day
Study Days : 6 days per week
Cost : NPR

Class Time Table
- Morning
- Day
- Evening