Study in USA

For five centuries, travelers have brought their hopes and dreams to America. For the earliest pioneers, it was a virgin wilderness ready to be shaped into a “New World", a potential paradise wasted on its native peoples. Millions of immigrants followed, to share in the building of the new nation and to better their lives, far from the hidebound societies of Europe and Asia. Eventually, slaves, who had been shipped over from Africa and the Caribbean, joined them as free citizens. As the United States expanded to fill the continent, something genuinely new was created: a vast country that took pride in defining itself in the eyes of the world.
Every traveler in the United States – be they foreigners on a coast-to-coast road trip or locals exploring their extraordinarily diverse land – has some idea of what to expect. American culture has become so thoroughly shared throughout the globe that one of the principal joys of getting to know the country is the repeated, delicious shock of the familiar. Yellow taxis on busy city streets; roadside mailboxes straight out of Peanuts cartoons; wooden porches overlooking the cotton fields; tumbleweed skittering across the desert; endless highways dotted with pick-up trucks and chrome-plated diners; the first sight of the Grand Canyon or the Manhattan skyline.

News and events:
Shaping Minds Group is currently undergoing some exciting changes. Especially in our Putalisadak office, we are glad to welcome new staff, teachers and counselors. Also, we are currently in the process of developing new locations, and new partnerships throughout the Kathmandu Valley, and Nepal.

We are currently starting test preparation classes, as well as many of our other training courses in our state of the art facilities. Please inquire about the program of your interest, and we are sure to be forming a group right away!

Also: the new school term is coming up for Universities, and Higher Education institutes all over the world. Now is the time to talk to our expert counselors about admission deadlines, and opportunities, so that you don’t miss out on preparing for a great future.

Who are we?
Shaping Minds Group provides educational counselling service for students who are seeking overseas education. The services include advice and support for application to all education levels. We offer free advice for students who wish to study in Australia, UK, US, Canada and some other European and Asian countries.
What are some of the documents that I need?
1. Application Form and fees
2. Transcript in English
3. All academic certificates and mark sheets in English
4. IELTS score
5. Resume/CV
6. Recommendation Letters from Employers and the Schools or Universities
How long does it take to apply and visa process?
It usually takes about 4-6 weeks, but depending on the subjects and degrees applied for, it could be longer or shorter.
What is the difference between tuition fees and cost of living expenses between countries?
1. Tuition fees vary depending upon the duration of the courses and the institution. Information on some undergraduate/postgraduate   programs is available in the table below.
2. Cost of living varies depending on the city and the duration of stay. Life style is another factor, which may affect the cost of living.